Reading response B

“Vacuuming and Digesting,” a fall conversation series at Yale about interactive design


Ayham: You mentioned in a previous interview that’s audience is both current students and prospective students. And the site is a channel connecting the two. The interesting ways students use the site tell the public about the culture at Yale's School of Art. I’d also like to hear from everyone else: How has the site provided an image of the culture of the school? What kind of expectations did it set? And did the school meet them?

Personally, for me, the site did a lot in communicating the spirit of the school. It may not have been completely accurate, but it did communicate something "more” than other institutions of its type did. Also, please feel free to be negative.

Lauren:I remember when I was first applying for an MFA at Yale, the Yale School of Art website was actually my first impression of the school. I had not known anyone who had gone to Yale and I had no insider information about the institution. I remember going into every little nook and cranny of the school’s website to try to understand the school better. I remember being bombarded by colorful images and gifs. Compared to the formality of the websites of other schools, the website for the YSOA was much more funky and whimsical. I think the light-hearted nature of the website made the school feel even more intimidating? It had a vibe of—we are the best and we don’t even need to try to impress you.